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Emergency and Critical Care Center

photo Chairman and Professor
Tooru Inoue
M.D., Ph.D.
 Specialities : Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine, Trauma Surgery, and Acute Care Surgery

Special Qualifications and Medical Society Memberships :
Japanese Association for Acute Medicine (Councillor, Board Certified Senior Member, Fellow)
The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine (Councillor, Fellow)
The Japanese Association for The Surgery of Trauma (Councillor, Fellow)
Japanese Society for Abdominal Emergency Medicine (Councillor)
The Japanese Society for the Acute Care Surgery (Councillor)

 The Trauma, Emergency and Critical Care Center is located in the southwestern district of Fukuoka city and is one of the core facilities of Fukuoka University Hospital. This center, established in 1992, is Level I Emergency and Trauma Center in Japan and has highly efficient medical technology with the support of excellent medical staff. Thirty physicians, 88 nurses, 4 clinical engineers and 2 pharmacists are working and 34 beds, including 14 ICU beds, and 20 HCU(High Care Unit) beds, have been installed in this center. Emergency medical staff are working for critically-ill patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They take care of approximately 1,000 critically ill patients in a year and have pushed the lifesaving rate to about 90%*. Moreover, the physical and/or neurological prognosis of the patients with cardiopulmonary arrest has been improving year by year.

 This center is one of the most important lifesaving centers in Fukuoka prefecture and in the future will contribute to emergency care not only in Fukuoka but also in the whole Kyushu area.

 *This rate was calculated without cardiopulmonary arrest on arrival.

Classification of the transported patients’ diseases in our center (from Apr.2016 to Mar.2017)
  Diseases (only in grave condition) No. of patients outcome
discharge decease
1 cerebrovascular disease 182 161 21
2 trauma (AIS≧3 or Emergency surgery) 164 156 8
3 cardiopulmonary arrest 77 11 66
4 sepsis 33 29 4
5 respiratory failure (ARDS) 53 41 12
6 disturbance of consciousness 47 40 7
7 aortic disease (dissection or aneurysm) 29 22 7
8 Pathologic condition
(e.g. crisis of dyshormonism, pancreatitis, etc )
49 41 8
9 acute coronary syndrome 29 22 7
10 heart failure 14 12 2
11 hemorrhagic shock 14 9 5
12 gastrointestinal hemorrhage 10 8 2
13 burn (assessed by the criteria of Artz *1) 11 9 2
14 acute intoxication 22 20 2
15 acute kidney injury 5 4 1
16 temperature abnormality 12 9 3
17 liver failure 1 1 0
18 specific infectious disease
(gas gangrene, necrotizing fasciitis, tetanus)
10 8 2
total 762 603 159

*1 Artz CP: The treatment of Burns, 2nd ed., WB Saunders, Philadelphia,1969.
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