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KAZUO Tamura

Message from the director of Fukuoka University Hospital, Tooru Inoue, M.D. January, 2016

 Welcome to the Fukuoka University Website.

 Thank you for accessing the Webpage of the Fukuoka University Hospital. Our webpage provides information for the regional health authorities, hospital clinics, departments and hospital physician referral and consultation procedures or medical information, as well as patients and their families.

 Fukuoka University Hospital opened in 1973 August and has contributed as the center of local district medical care over the years. In 2011 January, the new hospital building opened along with transferring the previous wards and outpatient division to the new location. The Fukudaimae subway station is directly connected to the hospital building thus increasing the accessibility of patients and reliability. We employees try our best to achieve maximum satisfaction to all patients. In 2013 April, the previous hospital building was totally renewed to increase the convenience of the patients but further reconstruction is need in the older part of the hospital.

 The hospital is currently consisted of the Heart Center, Stroke Center, Oncology Center, Respiratory Center, Center for Maternal, Fetal and Neonatal Medicine, Pediatrics Center, Gastroenterology Center,Fukuoka Memory Clinic Center (FMCC). We work as a team and try to eliminate the boundaries of each section to achieve total care to the patients. Additionally, we have many high technology imaging device and clinical pathology diagnosis division. Recently installed medical equipments include the new surgical robot “DaVinci” system, radiotherapy, regenerative & transplant medicine that are considered as high tech advanced medicine. The newly installed next generation endoscopy surgery robot “DaVinci Xi” is for prostate cancer and expected to elevate the success rate of operations.

 Our hospital also has put great effort in the Emergency and Critical Care Center to cope with the increasing numbers of patients in the local area. The center is ready 24hours a day, 365day a year to treat emergency patents transferred or sent by the local clinical doctors and ambulance. The General Medicine and Emergency and Critical Care Center cooperate closely to treat the elderly population which recently suffer from a variety of diseases. A wide range and up to date medical care is needed for the local patents. Our policy and philology is to treat and care all patients with kind and friendly attitude which we currently take great pride in. Please contact us any time.

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