Departments and Centers

Clinical Information Center

Chairman and
Associate Professor
Yoichiro Yoshida M.D.,Ph.D.

We manage the electrical medical record system in our hospital, via more than 1600 personal computers and servers as HIS (Hospital Information System), RIS (Radiology Information System), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) and many other subsystems. We are specialists: medical doctors, health care information technologists, health information managers system engineers and supporting staffs. Our managing policy provides secure handling of PCs for doctors, nurses, medical technologist and other professionals, providing high-level medical service for the patients.

It is important to maintain a huge database and to utilize these data for hospital management, study of various cases of disorder to develop new diagnosis or therapy. We support the developments of health care for citizens living in the Fukuoka area, including the Asian people.

Clinical Indicator

Currently, it is desirable to publish the current state of medical outcomes and clinical features and to give patients and their families medical information before they visit Fukuoka University Hospital. For hospital information, Clinical Indicators should be the most useful data for patients.

Since the introduction of the electronic medical record system, it has become possible to collect and use a variety of information. We are currently trying to update Clinical Indicators in our website created from a variety of perspectives.