Departments and Centers

Oncology Center

Chairman Yasushi Takamatsu M.D.,Ph.D.

The mission of the Oncology Center is to promote multidisciplinary anti-cancer therapy at Fukuoka University Hospital.

The Oncology Center consists of 11 sections: the Chemotherapy Center, the Palliative Care Center, the Radiotherapy Center, the Cancer Registry Center, the Medical Cooperation Center, the Cancer Patient Support Center, the Cancer Rehabilitation Center, the Cancer Genomic Medicine Center, the Cancer Surgery Center, the Cancer Board Center and the Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Generation Support Center.

The Chemotherapy Center organizes the appropriate registration of chemotherapy regimen, the safe preparation of anti-cancer drugs, and the reliable administration of chemotherapy drugs along with adequate supportive care. The Palliative Care Center provides palliative care from the early stages of anti-cancer treatment. The Radiotherapy Center performs multidisciplinary radiotherapy in cooperation with medical oncologists and surgical oncologists. The Cancer Registry Center enters the basic data of newly encountered cancer patients to the national cancer registry. The Medical Cooperation Center promotes the coordination of medical care of cancer patients among participating medical institutions in the region. The Cancer Patient Support Center supports the wellness and healing of patients and their families by providing information, emotional support, and community resources. The Cancer Rehabilitation Center performs  functional assessments and rehabilitation for elderly cancer patients. The Cancer Genomic Medicine Center organizes genomic testing to identify treatment strategies tailored to patients' tumors. The Cancer Surgery Center performs safe and appropriate surgery for cancer patients. The Cancer Board Center holds multidisciplinary conferences to review the treatment and management of cancer patients with physical, psychological, and social complications. The AYA Generation Support Center contributes to the treatment and livelihood support of adolescents and young adult cancer patients.

Fukuoka University Hospital is certified as a Designated Cancer Care Hospital by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

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