Departments and Centers

Department of Pharmacy

Chairman Hidetoshi Kamimura Ph.D.

In the Pharmacy Department, a professor of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is appointed as Director. In addition, 4 other faculty members work in the Pharmacy Department. The Pharmacy Department is staffed with 61 pharmacists and 8 office workers. An additional pharmacist belongs to the Clinical Studies Support Center. The Pharmacy Department performs dispensations, preparations, and TPN/Anticancer IV mixtures, and provides drug information services in a centralized operation. Moreover, in the wards pharmaceutical care is provided to inpatients with the cooperation of other medical staff. Clinical pharmacists are also actively involved in team medicine by participating in the Infection Control Team (ICT) Committee, Nutritional Support Team (NST) Committee, Bedsore Committee, and Palliative Care (PC) Committee. A pharmacist was assigned to the Surgery Division in April 2007, and the management of narcotics, psychotropic agents, and poisons commenced. The Pharmacy Department conducts clinical training of pharmacy and medical students of Fukuoka University and started a paid pharmacist residency system for graduates in April 2006.

Services of Pharmacy Department

Items / Year 2019 2020 2021 2022
Number of non-parenteral prescriptions for inpatients 183,074 170,840 174,548 167,867
Number of non-parenteral prescriptions for outpatients 16,189 14,572 15,850 16,987
Number of prescriptions dispensed by out-of-hospital pharmacies 170,424 153,520 163,455 164,047
Number of parenteral prescriptions for inpatients 186,229 181,563 178,775 179,645
Number of parenteral prescriptions of injections for outpatients 36,357 35,227 36,819 37,033
Number of anti-cancer preparations dispensed for inpatient chemotherapy 6,047 6,186 6,049 6,022
Preparations dispensed for outpatient chemotherapy 7,890 8,804 10,702 12,539
Number of TPN mixtures prepared 2,342 2,108 1,526 1,379
Number of pharmaceutical consultations for inpatients 36,738 36,488 37,978 36,577
Number of drug information instructions given at discharge 4,150 7,283 8,896 9,357
Number of additional drug information collaborations at time of discharge 0 1,127 2,417
Number of drug comprehensive evaluation adjustment additions 2 155 320
Number of pre-avoid reports 12 77 386 431
Number of side effects reported 66 86 65 79