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Chairperson and
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Ayami Kai

Welcome to our website of Fukuoka University Hospital Nursing Department.

Fukuoka University Hospital is located in the southeast part of Fukuoka City. It is the local "Specialized Functional Hospital" and provides highly acute healthcare services to the community. To meet the increasing demand from the patients and their families, we strive to provide safe and high-quality healthcare services, by collaborating with other medical professions. Our staff accounts for the majority of the entire hospital employees in number, and they are assigned to each section across the organization. We highly respect patients' requests and dedicate our expertise in order to help them achieve the best clinical outcomes.

Our portrayal of an ideal nurse is characterized by spirit of integrity, recognition of compliance, reliable skills and knowledge, as well as warm-heart care. We devotedly support each nurse so that they will be able to work as professional staff with high pride and motivation and to gain recognition within the team.

We established intensive educational programs to foster creative and self-motivated nursing staff. Our mission is "to practice patient-centered nursing care with high level of humanity - integrity, responsibility, creativeness." We plan to build the organizational structure that could focus on people and bring out the best of them. The phrase "an organization is only as good as its people" well describes our belief. Our educational programs aim to present three leadership models in career development for nurses: generalists who can implement comprehensive roles in nursing, specialists in certain segments, and managers who will take on more managerial responsibilities. Our staff can pick up and develop their own carrier courses that fit best by utilizing this system.

About the Nursing Department

Provision of Nursing Care

In order to extend care to patients, we apply a pairing approach to provide care to patients. In that style, a nurse assigned to each patient will have to pair with an other nurse, and these nurses, by sharing their experiences and strengths together, could work to achieve much better outcomes and accept more responsibilities. The staff will always work with colleagues who they could consult and seek assistance. It will allow them to attain higher work efficiencies and safer work environments.

Team-based Medicine

In our hospital, there are various team-based initiatives such as nutrition support, terminal care, bedsore care, and infection control. Nurses, who work at the closest point to patients among the hospital staff, can make great contributions to the teams by bringing in patient feedback and they could also provide various specialized expertise with other medical staff. Furthermore, Specialized Certified Nurses in various fields could play key roles in collaborations across the organization. Currently our department has such specialized nurses in the fields of acute care, emergency care, cancer, apoplexy and pediatrics.

Award for the Good Practice Nurse

Based on partnership nursing system, we award those nurses who have achieved high performance through the year and obtain recommendations from their counterparts. We grant such awards to about 30 nurses every year and compile the case studies where these staff were involved and showed their best practices.

Education with Focus on People

Our educational system is built around a concept of caring that emphasizes the importance of learning from the interactions between people, and the practice of respecting other people's opinions and thoughts. Our working environment, although unrepeatable and replicable in nature, is full of good examples of the way of doing and thinking that could be applicable to other situations. In our training, we present very real cases that occurred in our clinical situations, and facilitate discussions among staff. Our method highlights the importance of individualism and empowers our nurses to share knowledge, analyze the situations, and take action based on continuous learning.