Departments and Centers

Division of Medical Safety Management

Chairman Kozaburo Akiyoshi M.D.,Ph.D.

Providing safe medical care to patients is one of the most basic requirements in medical care. For this reason, medical institutions are required to raise awareness of medical safety among their staff and to establish organizational structures to promote medical safety.
In the Division of Medical Safety Management, we promptly address medical accidents and near misses that could have resulted in medical accidents before they become serious situations, analyze their causes, and set out plans for improvement to enhance safety. In order to formulate safety measures, it is necessary to take a "solution-driven" approach, where issues are identified as system problems and improvements are made, rather than blaming individuals for problems. It is also necessary that all individuals at related occupations actively work on medical safety according to their respective roles. In addition, it is our role in the Division of Medical Safety Management to foster and establish a "culture of safety," which is an attitude and mindset that puts patient safety first and aims to achieve that priority.
Fukuoka University Hospital's guiding principle is "warm-hearted medical care," and as an advanced treatment hospital, our mission is to provide highly advanced medical care and patient-centered, "safe" medical care.
Medical care is provided for the benefit of patients, and the involvement of patients in their medical care as key players is also needed. We will promote hospital-wide efforts for safety management, share information with patients, and continue providing patient-centered medical care so that medical care is provided based on a relationship of trust between patients and healthcare professionals.
We appreciate our patients cooperation for continued provision of safer medical care.