Departments and Centers

Division of Medical Safety Management

Chairman Masaki Fujita M.D.,Ph.D.

As a local advanced medical center, Fukuoka University Hospital provides a higher level of medical care. At the same time, our hospital must always supply the safest medical care. The medical care for patient safety is provided by doctors as well as staff with a variety of specialties, and we cannot provide the most appropriate care without their contributions. On the other hand, we should recognize the fact that anyone can make a mistake. All medical staff should be aware of it in their individual work and strive to improve their own knowledge and skills. In addition, we need to construct a system that reinforces patient-safety, and not merely rely on the individual efforts of the medical staff. True commitment to patient safety requires action, not just statements about its importance. The Division of Medical Safety Management has established a "Culture of Safety" in all medical staff in our hospital through the action program.

The department was established in 2003. The chair of the department is one of the assistant directors of the hospital. The department's members include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, clinical technicians, radiologists and administrative staff. They are responsible for patient safety and litigation.