Clinical Services

Rehabilitation Center

Chairman and
Associate Professor
Satoshi Kamada M.D.,Ph.D.

Our rehabilitation department consists of four physicians, 24 physical therapists, five occupational therapists, one prosthetist and seven speech therapists. The department has been divided into specialties for the musculoskeletal disease, cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascular disease and internal disease.

We treat mainly the acute phase patients including the patients from the emergency center. Since we receive requests from all the departments of the University Hospital, we have to treat the patients that widely range from the elderly to children with various diseases. We have received certifications for the training facility of the physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. We have also received the certification for the training facility of the JARM (Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine).

We practice only for the admitted patients,everyday from Monday to Saturday. We treat our mobile patients at the rehabilitation room in the morning and the bedside patients in the afternoon. Our patients are mostly those with stroke, and post-operative state of the bone and joint disease, but patients with multiple disabilities have also increased. At the same time the patients needing the three kinds of rehabilitation are also increasing: a physical therapy, an occupational therapy and a speech therapy.

Our hospital is characterized by patients with the acute phase and short stay because the hospital has been designated as the specific local function hospital. The stroke care unit (SCU), which intensively treats patients opened in April 2010, and established a system that can start rehabilitation on Sundays and holidays, 365 days with full-time available therapists. Heart rehabilitation started in January 2011 and the cancer rehabilitation has been also functioning since October 2011. Gait training for acute stroke patients using the Robot Suit HAL® (hybrid assistive limb) was introduced in November 2011.