Clinical Services

Department of Neuropsychiatry

Chairman and Professor Hikaru Hori M.D.,Ph.D.

Our department strives to provide patient-centered psychiatric care, dealing with issues of the life cycle (workers, students, children and adolescents, pregnant women, geriatrics, etc.) and a mental disorder (depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, developmental disorders, anxiety, personality disorders, dementia, etc.).

From the time our department was established, we have been carrying out practical clinical work against a background of psychoanalysis and dynamic psychiatry, and have been able to achieve significant clinical therapeutic results. In addition to psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, we also emphasize evidence-based clinical treatment.

The wards consist of closed ward and open ward, and through desirable therapeutic interactions between staff and patients, individual drugs/psychiatric treatment and various group therapy activities and carried out. All the staff in the wards, constantly have some kind of interaction with the patients, and strive to maintain a therapeutic environment.

Daycare happens to be the first service to be established in the university hospital psychiatric department, and rigorous programs are created, corresponding to the state of individual patients, and therapeutic outcome.

In addition, as a psychiatry department in a general hospital, we strive to contribute to psychiatric issues in all departments in the hospital as well as mental issues that are specific to the life cycle. We also provide liaison and consultation services for Fukuoka University Chikushi Hospital. In recent years, we have also been making attempts in suicide prevention, mainly by intervening with suicide attempt victims admitted to the Emergency Medical Center and dealing with bereaved families of suicide victims, and we have achieved some success. Furthermore, as a university hospital psychiatry department, we are actively introducing electroconvulsive therapy and clozapine treatment for treatment-resistant disorders with the cooperation of related departments.

Characteristics and specialties

Outpatient medical care is only through appointments, and in addition to regular outpatient care, we provide specialist outpatient care for child/adolescent mental health, gender identity disorder, and dementia. In the wards, there are many interview rooms, where structured interviews are carried out, while on the other hand, occupational therapy is also fully carried out, and an effort is made with psychiatric rehabilitation. Daycare puts together programs to suit individual patients, and regularly provides a place for self-reflection and discussion.

Specialist Outpatient Care

  • Dementia
  • Gender identity disorder