Clinical Services

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Chairman and Professor Seiji Kondo DDS.,Ph.D.

The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery offers specialized medical procedures for patients, collaborating closely with private practitioners and general hospitals.

We provide safe and secure surgical procedures under the control of intravenous sedation, by monitoring medically compromised patients who have multiple systemic diseases such as cardiac disease, diabetic mellitus, hypertension, or are receiving dialysis treatment.

For patients who will undergo organ transplantation, cardiac surgery, neurosurgical operation, and chemotherapy, we perform perioperative oral management.

We have a very active inpatient service for severely ill or injured patients that require highly qualified procedures and admission to the hospital, i.e., those with swelling of the face, impacted tooth, jaw deformity, fractured upper and lower jaws, odontogenic tumor, or oral mucosal disease.

If you have a high level of dental anxiety, you may need a treatment in a comfortable and relaxed state under intravenous sedation.

For the progress of treatments and procedures, we conduct clinical research to feedback the outcome in clinical practices.

Specialized outpatient clinic

  • Dentistry for medically compromised patients
  • Perioperative oral care management
  • Jaw deformity
  • Traumatic injury of the jaw
  • Dental implant
  • Dental Anxiety

We offer the examinations below if there are no indication of medical treatment. Please consult your family physician or dentist before you come to our clinic.

Examination & diagnosis Outpatient /
Required time (date)
for test results outcome
Mucosal biopsy and resection included labial glands
Papanicolaou stain cytological diagnosis
Outpatient Seven days
Occlusal examinations; X-ray examination modeling a bite form Outpatient Less than 14 days
Test of saliva production Outpatient On the day
Gustatory test Outpatient On the day
CT imaging of maxilla and mandible Outpatient On the day
Examination of eating and swallowing disorder Outpatient On the day