Medical Treatment & Costs

Time In

  • The first medical examination.
    Monday~Friday 8:30~12:00
  • Revisiting patients with appointments.
    Monday~Friday 8:30~15:00

※Your treatment date will be decided by the department providing your treatment.

The following departments only accept patients who have appointments booked by other medical institutions. Please bring the referral letter with you.

Rheumatology / Neuropsychiatry / Orthopedic Surgery / Dermatology / Radiation Therapy Consultation (Tuesday) / Anesthesiology / Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery / Prevention, Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine Center / Breast Surgery / Otorhinolaryngology

No Office Hours

Saturday, Sunday, A public holiday, Compensatory holiday.
August 15, December 29 ~ January 3.