Departments and Centers

Department of Clinical Nutrition

Chairman Ryuichiro Hirose

"Daily meals heal your disease" is a slogan of Clinical Nutrition and Dietary Management Service.

Meal service in a hospital is considered to be a medical treatment. That is also the principle and historical method of clinical nutrition. In modern medical treatment, there are technical options for feeding as parenteral and enteral nutrition, but, the only way to enjoy and taste foods is to eat by mouth. The original features of diet are to enjoy its presentations, aromas and textures of a meal and to share the gratitude and pleasure of eating with other people. You can enjoy meals at our inpatient lounge with visitors and other patients as well as at your bedside.

If you have some difficulties of chewing and swallowing and/or low appetite because of diseases, please consult us. We provide various kinds of meal types to fit individual requirements.

In Fukuoka University Hospital, Nutrition Support Team (NST) formed by cross-departmental experts works for patients to support their early rehabilitation to manage nutrition. We also offer the nutrition and dietary instructions for patients with diabetes, and cardiac disease to advise the recommended contents and calories of daily diet.

Please note that the taste and the volume of food in the hospital may not satisfy you because we serve it for your health and we consider it as a medication.