Departments and Centers

Department of Clinical Laboratory and Transfusion

Chairman and Professor Masahiro Ogawa M.D.,Ph.D.

Since the establishment of Fukuoka University Hospital, clinical laboratory technicians of our department have worked together with the hospital's medical doctors to provide accurate and reliable test results and information so that patients can receive safe medical care with peace of mind.

The sample testing department starts testing immediately after the sample arrives at the laboratory, and for many of the items tested in urine, blood and biochemical tests, our automatic analysis system reports the results about 1 hour after collection. We try to become even faster and even more accurate day by day.

In the physiological examinations, we perform physiological function testing of the circulatory system, such as electrocardiogram, and cardiac and vascular ultrasonography. We measure residual air volume and provide more precise results and information on respiratory functions. In the electroencephalogram test, brainwaves are recorded and analyzed with a digital electroencephalograph, and this information is used in the diagnosis and treatment of central nervous system diseases.

We also manage and operate blood transfusion services, and collect and supply patients' own blood for use in their elective surgery.

Features of our department

In the sample testing department, our 24-hour emergency testing system provides quick, accurate and reliable test results and information at night and on holidays in support advanced medical care provided by Fukuoka University Hospital as a special advanced treatment hospital. In the testing of the physiological function of the circulatory system, we conduct not only general tests such as 12-lead electrocardiogram, treadmill stress electrocardiogram, Holter electrocardiogram, signal-averaged electrocardiogram, cardiac and vascular ultrasonography and PWV/ABI, but also related advanced physiological tests and research. Dr. Masahiro Ogawa, professor and chair of our department, is expert in the field of cardiology, especially in cardiac electrophysiology.

Statistical data

The number of laboratory tests according to the year
Section 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Blood cell morphology 285,864 283,745 266,352 277,221 280,446
Body fluids & urinalysis 93,588 94,177 88,546 91,069 92,293
Genetic test 4,929 4,764 4,292 4,821 5,082
Clinical chemistry 2,642,724 2,649,713 2,488,896 2,638,805 2,687,917
Microbial test 43,075 40,081 49,023 53,733 55,537
Emergency laboratory examination 917,489 978,826 939,109 963,333 958,814
Blood transfusion test 28,956 29,340 27,225 27,347 28,230
Outsourcing 91,012 88,463 81,017 92,873 90,839
Subtotal 4,107,637 4,169,109 3,944,460 4,149,202 4,199,158
Cranial nerve function test 7,332 7,464 6,354 7,198 6,093
Cardiovascular function test 45,111 45,247 41,331 45,226 44,180
Respiratory function test 6,817 6,439 5,216 5,966 5,543
Subtotal 59,260 59,150 52,901 58,390 55,816
Total 4,166,897 4,228,259 3,997,361 4,207,592 4,254,974

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