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Department of Clinical Laboratory

Chairman and Professor Akira Matsunaga M.D.,Ph.D.

Welcome to the website of the Department of Clinical Laboratory at the Fukuoka University Hospital.

Since 2008, Professor Akira Matsunaga has been a chairman of Department of Clinical Laboratory and professor of Department of Laboratory Medicine, Fukuoka University School of Medicine.

In the Department of Clinical Laboratory, we have provided high-quality and highly accurate clinical data (laboratory / physiology) and information for more than 40 years. We believe that those high accurate clinical data helps provide the good treatment of our patients. We are important members in the health care team and are engaged in truly meaningful work, devoting ourselves to improving patients' health and wellness. The number of the staff is 60, including medical doctors and clinical laboratory technologists. The blood collection for outpatients is performed mainly in the Central Blood Collecting Room on the second floor of the new hospital building. The results of many items of urine and blood biochemistry measurement are reported by the automatic analysis system within 1 hour of their collection. To support high-level medical care as a specific function of the hospital, we conduct around the clock high-quality emergency clinical examination, even at night and on holidays.

In the physiological laboratory, we take Treadmill stress electrocardiogram, 24-hour electrocardiogram, PWV/ABI, echo cardiogram, blood vessel echo, electroencephalography and the respiratory function tests, such as pulmonic compliance, pulmonic diffusing capacity, and the amount of residual air.

In an electroencephalographic examination, we perform digital electroencephalography for diagnosis of epilepsy and central nervous system disease in children

Special Feature of our Clinical Laboratory

Now, we are performing gene diagnosis to persistent hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia in infancy (PHHI) and lipid abnormalities (hyperlipidemia and hypolipidemia) by cooperation with Department of Laboratory Medicine, Fukuoka University School of Medicine.

For lipoprotein abnormalities, we especially analyze various genes, such as apolipoprotein A-I, A-V, B, and E, PCSK9, MTP, LMF1, LCAT, GPIHBP1 and ABCA1, including apo E phenotype and genotype. We also conduct genetic analysis by next-generation sequencing for samples from within our hospital.

We take all questions and consultations about the Clinical Laboratory, and make a quick and appropriate response at the Clinical Laboratory Consultation Room.

Furthermore, according to the demands from patients or their families, we have established a specialized laboratory examination division for diagnosis.

From 9:00 to 17:00, we are also available to take a consultation with doctors from outside Fukuoka University Hospital.

As clinical treatment continues to advance, we move forward to establish the best clinical laboratory for every patient.

Statistical data

The number of laboratory tests according to the year
Section 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Blood cell morphology 252,965 262,673 257,431 268,313 276,808
Body fluids & urinalysis 158,385 154,711 94,041 95,549 94,677
Genetic test 4,540 4,570 5,178 6,083 5,261
Clinical chemistry 2,313,675 2,406,618 2,400,655 2,537,102 2,587,903
Microbial test 45,903 46,752 48,328 44,270 38,101
Emergency laboratory examination 1,076,924 1,157,759 1,174,859 982,365 872,453
Blood transfusion test 28,992 30,321 28,525 28,262 28,416
Outsourcing 87,343 91,974 90,181 99,602 97,691
Subtotal 3,968,727 4,155,378 4,099,198 4,061,546 4,001,310
Electroencephalography 3,928 4,113 4,038 3,659 3,691
Electromyography 2,748 2,965 3,942 3,318 2,986
Cardiovascular function test 38,072 43,307 45,373 44,727 44,659
Respiratory function test 5,177 4,943 5,168 5,449 7,024
Subtotal 49,925 55,328 58,521 57,153 58,360
Total 4,018,652 4,210,706 4,157,719 4,118,699 4,059,670

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